The Importance of Bastion Building in Creative Destruction

By | February 18, 2020

Bastion Building

The Destructor is the only weapon players get to land with in Creative Destruction. It obliterates almost anything it strikes and converts it into important building materials.

These materials can then be used to build bastions. Bastions have two primary uses:

  • Defense – When you are stuck in an area that’s full of enemies, you can quickly build structures to serve as your shield. In such scenarios, you will have to build as quickly as possible since a sniper may be targeting you from a distance.
  • Attack – You can also build bastions with the aim of tricking unsuspecting players into exposing themselves. For instance, if you build a bunch of structures in one spot – opponents may get confused and wander into your occupied area, shooting your structures down in, hoping to find you hidden inside. One you have the upper-hand as in you know the location of your opponent, you can instantly pop out of your den and clear out players who were gullible enough to be lured into this honey-trap. A lot of players use this strategy, so make sure you’re not the one getting tricked!

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Quick Build Ramps

Quick Build Ramps

In places where the region is clear, players can take as much time they need and use their building materials carefully to build efficient structures.

However, for players who land in highly populated regions, there is always the option of building up pathways to the top of buildings using Quick Build ramps.

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This gives players the elevation they need to spot every movement before than others.

The best case scenario in such a situation is to have a Sniper Rifle and target unsuspecting players. One shot is enough to earn you a kill.

Pro Tip – Water Towers are the ideal sniping spots.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Water drastically slows down your movement in the game. If you find yourself chasing a circle, build floors and ramps on top of the water bodies to move at a normal pace.

However, make sure no one is watching you as you can get easily sniped when building and running on ramps on water. But if you dont want to get sniped, then simply watch this creative destruction hack and get survived for long.

You can also build bridges in certain areas of the map where there’s a risk of falling down from high places.

Custom Build

Custom Build

Since building bastions on mobile phones can be a bit difficult, Creative Destruction offers players the chance to customize and quickly build structures in the battlefield.

Rare elements can be found in the buildings. Collect as many rare elements as possible.

(To see how many rare elements you have collected, click on the cube icon on the right side of your screen, tap on it and click quick build)

To customize your quick-build structures, click on your main screen and select the custom build link. Create your custom structure and save it to use as many times as you want in the battlefield.

Remember, all structures in the game comply with the laws of gravity. Building a strong foundation is crucial to ensuring that your structure doesn’t topple over easily.

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