Pixel Car Racer Review: Analyzing the Game in a Better Way

By | February 18, 2020

Pixel Car Racer Review

While there are many racing games available for download in the app stores, the Pixel car Racer is an excellent option for those who play the game to get a realistic feel.

Studio Furukawa has developed the game with much precision.

No Lag

The first thing that people will notice about the game is that there is no time delay for loading the game, even if your smartphone is running slow due to lower processor.

Otherwise, the games usually take much time to load and some waiting time after you select an option.


What makes a game experience pleasant? Well, the graphics matter the most in the enhancement of user experience.

The game uses very high-quality graphics. That is why the tracks and the surrounding natural scenery look beautiful while you play.

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Effortless Play

You don’t need much time to get conversant with the controls. The very user-friendly interface allows you to understand the rules of the game if you go through the tutorial just once.

You will get three difficulty levels- Beginner, followed by Amateur, and then the Advanced. If you are playing on the beta version, then you will get only the beginner’s level.

The game also has some in-game resources that you need to have in sufficient amount. Diamonds and cash are the most valuable currencies of the game.

One can also have pixel car racer free diamonds by doing several in-game tasks that are legal and simple to do.

Moreover, such resources are as important as cars in the game.

Car Customization

Car Customization

You will be excited to see the sheer number of options that you get to avail of the customization of your car.

After all, you will definitely feel good if you can change the interior d├ęcor of the vehicle and modify the vehicle. You can change or modify

  • The wheels,
  • The steering,
  • The car seats

and many other parts. It will help to increase the efficiency of the car too. For a 2D archaic style of game, this particular game offers more customization than the rest of its kind.

Gear Ratio

You will get the scope to adjust the gear ratio. But it is better not to mess with the standard ratio.

Only when you are preparing to race with one of the fastest cars, or for a particular type of race, you can change the gear ratio to a more extended figure for covering the mile races.

But take care not to make any drastic changes. It will have a negative effect on the speed of the car.

Quick Upgrades

If you have just earned some statistical points, then use them at the earliest. When you upgrade the stat points, you will get the opportunity to have more experience and more cash as well for each race.

But it would help if you concentrated on the improvement of the XP at first. The reason is that the XPs will help you to move quickly up the levels ladder.

You can earn cash later over the long term. Cash upgrades are good, but not better than the experience.

With all these tips and reviews under your belt, you are now just ready to play the game. Your ability to playing will improve only when you get much conversant with the controls and know how to apply the hacks at the appropriate times. The knowledge about the game will aid in better playing.

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