Making Babies in the Sims Mobile Game: Getting Pregnant Guide

By | March 1, 2020

making Babies In the Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile game, much like its inspiration The Sims 4, is all about building a legacy.

You must give your Sims a circle of life. An essential aspect of this circle of life is having babies.

Why Make Babies?

Just like in the real world, having a baby in the Sims Mobile Game is a big responsibility.

These babies will grow up to be a part of your Sims community, forwarding your Legacy as a player.

There are also practical reasons to have a baby. With every interaction with a baby, you get to earn experience points.

Plus, these babies can grow up to become playable Sims, saving you 95 Sim Tickets (the cost to create a new Sims).

A much cheaper option, babies will also grow old and retire soon, leaving you with valuable heirlooms.

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What Do You Need

In order to be eligible for having a baby, you must fulfill these requirements –

  • Player Level – You must be at least a level 11 player to be able to create babies.
  • Relationship Level – The relationship level is the status the Sim you want to have a baby with has with his/her fellow Sims. Their relationship status can be friendly, romantic, or even enmity. As long as their relationship status is at level 3, they can have babies.
  • Complete Quests – Once you’ve fulfilled the level and status requirements, you will have the option to participate in two quests –
  • “Oh, Baby”
  • “Baby Crazy”

Complete these two quests to qualify for having a baby.

Purchases You Need

To complete the ‘Baby Crazy’ quest, you will first need to purchase a Bassinet. Go to the Babies and Kids Section (activates once you fulfill the aforementioned requirements).

There, you’ll find The Bassinet, which costs 600 Simoleons. Apart from a Bassinet, you can also purchase additional items such as the Cuddly Bear.

However, all items in the Babies & Kids Section are quite costly.

Buying other items isn’t a necessity, so if you have limited Simoleons, don’t waste them. Earn them using several game hacks and cheats that you can find on site.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you can complete the ‘Baby Crazy’ quest.

Using the Bassinet

To use the bassinet, simply tap on it. You’ll get three options –

  • Adopt a Boy
  • Adopt a Girl
  • Have Your Own Baby

Each option will cost you Energy units and Tickets.

If you choose to have a baby, the two chosen Sims will become unavailable for 30 minutes. You can speed up this process using Sim Cash.

A baby will then be produced with a random gender. If you choose to adopt, the baby will appear in the bassinet.


Once you’ve created the baby, your responsibilities will include –

  • Feeding the baby
  • Changing diapers
  • Taking part in the Bundle of Joy Event to get a “Good Upbringing” trait
  • Have the baby interact with other Sims in family events

Soon the child will grow up to become an adult. You will be notified of his/her age with birthday notifications.

Ready to have a baby on the Sims Mobile Game? Follow these easy steps and create as many as you can!

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