How to Become Master Player of Choices: Stories You Play?

By | March 12, 2020

How to Master Choices Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play is a brand new interactive story game, which is smartly developed by the Pixelberry Studios.

Basically, this game includes multiple stories in fantasy, Romance and the mystery that will definitely seek your attention when you experience its real features. Instead of this, by using the diamonds or keys you can easily unlock the chapter of the story according to your choice.

In each story there are different kinds of tasks that are done by the players such as dating the partner or just attending the party.

However, the most important thing is earning the currencies so you can complete tasks to get some funds. There are lots of useful tasks in the game that can let you earn free diamonds and keys in the game. Such lists of tasks can be found on do check it out.

Once you start any story then the game will automatically go back to that story anytime and you can start experience and complete different kinds of tasks.

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When players want to switch to the different story then he or she can do this task anytime, by just hitting the home button.

Consequently, player will exit out the story that they are in. Even you can easily keep your place in the story, you just need to keep continue the story and read other things as well.

Now you can check out some great tips and tricks that will support.

Tips and Tricks to Do Mastering In Game!

Choices Stories You Play Tips and Tricks

If you are being part of the game then it may looks very easy in the beginning, buy after reaching on the top level everything becomes very complicated for the players.

However, by checking these tips and tricks you can become a pro player of the game –

  1. To begin with buying the stories, so if you are confused to buy the stories then you just need to increase become the developers are adding the new stories every week so simply use the diamonds to unlock them.
  2. Try to save the tickets and keys that you have to use at the time when you find any story is quite difficult to clear.
  3. However, never get worries about any story which you are not able to complete everything wisely so get ready to take its advantages. If you skip the story then it doesn’t mean you cannot open the other stories, so simply choose the right option.
  4. Now you should read the stories on the random order because it will allow you to play and win the gameplay wisely.
  5. Try to replay a story or chapter wisely, so simply replay a chapter in game. This means that if you regret the choice that you we have made in the certain chapter, you cannot go back and do it over.

Moving further, we have mentioned all the great aspects related to great aspects related to the Choices: Stories You Play.

It is really amazing for the players to keep eye on the gameplay as well as stories that they unlock in the beginning. Even by using the customization feature you can easily change the outfits of the avatars.

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